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Every country has its raw inherent strengths which when rightly crafted and utilized, has the potential to be translated into huge and continued financial strength for the growth and prosperity of a nation. For instance, the Middle East is blessed with vast deposits of oil and gas, China has huge manpower, etc. Pakistan while having its share of resources is undermining the abundance of available manpower. A number of countries have capitalized on it and Pakistan can do much better in this as well. Keeping the goal in consideration, GHPL management in close cooperation with all the entities/departments/companies of MOE-PD inked a detailed program for execution. Interns are finalized through a rigorous testing and interview process based on merit to ensure transparency. The program has received a very enthusiastic response from all over Pakistan with 9790 applicants and has resulted in more than 40% participation from females. The program was planned with monthly/weekly/daily activities and workplan for interns in the following MOE departments and companies: The program has been successfully completed while extensive trainings at work and at training institutes were given to prepare the pool for industry. The areas in soft skills as well as technical skills were enhanced through capacity building initiative. At the end, interns present their learnings to the Board of Directors. Certificates were awarded to the interns at the closing ceremony. The Board praises GHPL management for running the successful program


Primary objective of this portal is to work as a bridge between talent trained under MOE Internship and employers. This portal will support talent to update their professional profiles so it can be visible to employers who need resources. This portal will also facilitate employers to find out best resource from available pool/database as per their requirements.


Government Holdings Private Limited (GHPL) Internship Portal does not guarantee the validity or accuracy of the information posted on the portal. It is the responsibility of the viewers and students to independently review all content, credentials and resumes. GHPL neither screens nor makes any representations of the veracity of the information posted by either the students interested in obtaining internships or the internship offers placed by the GHPL. GHPL shall not be responsible for any conclusions drawn or any decisions made upon the information posted on the portal nor shall it be liable for any loss/damage/injury arising from the arrangements made pursuant to the information.

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